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Generation Dementia

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About Generation Dementia

A Bizarre Journey

     They line up in Frick Village to get on the garbage truck: the disoriented, the suicidal, the desperate, even the kid who won’t look up from her cell phone. They are Generation Dementia, high school seniors who have lost their bearings.
     When a video made about the troubled teens on the garbage truck goes viral, the reality TV crews come around to repackage Generation Dementia and the trash they haul. Narrator Hash O’Connell rebels against this makeover and soon finds he and his friends are confronted with a darker underside of both his community and the cameras now framing it. Hash unearths disturbing secrets about twenty years of lost trash and the lurid tales buried with that refuse.
     Ultimately, Hash encounters the corruptions off Frick’s past, revelations that will transform his understanding of his family’s legacy and allow him to emerge from the rubble he has inherited.


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A Walk through the Trash with Generation Dementia

See the lovely floppy disks and the majestic dumpsters as you are regaled with the tale of Generation Dementia.

Early Praise for Generation Dementia

To understand the paradoxical and baffling impulses of today’s teenagers, connected yet alienated, busy yet seemingly unproductive, read the imaginative book whose title demographers will use to describe the age: Generation Dementia.  Hartnett’s satirical but compassionate novel follows its grieving and empty teenage hero through a contemporary wasteland of universal family, social, and political problems. You’ll love the ride of this funny and fast-paced story about the conflicts faced by Hash O’Connell and his friends as they travel by garbage truck through reality and virtual reality. 

-  Joseph Gansrow, author of Deconstructing and Reconstructing Sentences

In Generation Dementia Michael Hartnett takes readers through the suburban streets of Frick, a village that replaced its traditional garbage men with high school students. One ragtag teen trio – a loner who collects garbage, another who hauls away anything not nailed down and a female violinist – become reality TV stars in a culture where students are over-programmed, over-scheduled and out of touch with what is actually real in their lives. Hartnett artfully shows us the only truly non-disposable thing in our society is our garbage. It’s an enjoyable and perceptive read from beginning to end.

– Alfred P. Doblin, The Record, New Jersey

Michael Hartnett



Michael Hartnett

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